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Alternative investment & Wealth management services

With your specific financial needs and investment objectives at the core of everything we do, NaviCom International Investment provides impartial advice as together we develop customized investment strategies to align with your circumstances.

Investment Capabilities

Financial solutions to help investors overcome the challenges they face under current economic conditions.

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Our Clients

We serve a global client base comprised of private investors, high-net worth families and institutions.

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Investment management services

Discretionary portfolio management and advisory services designed to generate and preserve the value of wealth.

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About Us

With a strong presence in the very heart of New York and Hong Kong, we are ideally positioned to capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

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Alternative Investments

Incorporate alternative investments as part of a diversified portfolio to improve risk-adjusted performance irrespective of market conditions.

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Investment Management

Discretionary and advisory solutions deliver targeted allocation of capital in the areas that have the most profound effect on your wealth.

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Making the most of your wealth

Access a world of opportunity as our qualified specialists guide you towards a more prosperous future.

We provide bespoke solutions to accommodate the unique demands of each client under our care. Whether you are looking to grow your assets or preserve the value of accumulated wealth, our solutions are tailored to meet your present requirements and future aspirations.

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