Alternative investment funds deliver long/short equity and global-macro strategies to accommodate preferences in line contemporary portfolio theories.

Alternative investment funds present investors with exposure to a managed fund structure with a focus on investment strategies alternative to those considered traditional; such as public equity placements and fixed income holdings.

Alternative fund strategies are essentially structured in a similar format to more traditional mutual fund or stock market trackers. The main difference is found in the strategic allocation of assets and the proactive management style required to capitalize on market inefficiencies caused by negatively correlating asset classes.

Asset allocation strategies

There are a many number of strategies and assets classes that could fall into the 'alternative investment' category. At Navicom International Investment our alternative fund strategies are focused on asset classes that contain the essential components of liquidity.

Such assets facilitate the flexibility required when actively managing performance in view of combining long/short strategies to effectively capitalize on market inefficiencies as and when they appear.

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