Our family office services are designed to help you uphold the responsibilities that arise from owning sizable family assets.

Under our guidance we help families achieve their goals whilst providing the necessary support they need during the proactive management of their wealth. We pay dedicated attention to family specific goals before acting upon and coordinating their assets.

Our highly diligent approach requires that at least two in-house professionals and one senior partner is assigned to oversee major actions involving the development and continous management of each family office structure.

Consolidating your financial affairs

To further support each family office we draw upon the expertise of our strategic network of service providers. Our associates are specialists in areas of real estate, asset structuring, legal, philanthropic allocation, arbitration, medical and insurance.

NaviCom International Investment can guarantee a fully comprehensive in-house service without relying on third party assistance. This approach offers piece of mind to our family office clients in light of confidentiality, security and discretion concerns.

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Whether you are responsible for the investment activities of your organization, interested in diversifying your assets, or simply looking to discuss your requirements with a qualified financial advisor, contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you to achieve your financial goals.

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