Fixed income investments provide the benefits of portfolio diversification.

The fixed income desk at Navicom International Investment provides clients with contemporary market intelligence, electronic floor execution, risk management and sourcing of market liquidity.

Our global network of strategic partners and locally based analysts cover interest rates, credit and currencies worldwide. With access to many investment-grade and high-yield markets, we focus on specific industry sectors and screen out market noise; this enables us to invest with confidence.

Adjusted for risk

Our fixed income approach to investment applies forward-looking risk analytics helping us to assess upside and downside risks in combination with a clear and disciplined approach to benchmarking. Together with intensive research and first-hand data provided by our global strategic partners, our fixed income desk is able to incorporate a strategy to compliment the objectives of your portfolio.

Alternative Investments

Access to Alternatives

NaviCom International Investment's extensive global network of affiliates provides direct access to proprietary investment deal flows.