As a compliment to our full-service brokerage, we offer a range of investment management solutions presented by our office-based advisers and our international associates.

As independent financial planners, NaviCom International focuses on two things: Our clients and their success. We provide solutions to the financial issues investors face in life. Aspects of retirement planning, inheritance preparation, private banking, life-assurance, asset allocation and school fee provisions are all dealt with by our experienced team of advisers.

Independently focused

Our business does not rely on the continual sale of financial products; instead we offer advice that is tailored to the specific needs of each client under our care, whether for individuals, families or institutions.

NaviCom International aims to simplify the complex financial issues that our clients face. We help clients to make informed decisions and approach their future with confidence. Ultimately, we aim to provide financial freedom - the freedom to enjoy the finer aspects of life.

Life Long Planning

Planning for life's events

Structured planning to accommodate lief events as you prepare to maintain a lifestyle of comfort during each stage of the life cycle and look to support your loved ones as they evolve through the passage of life.

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Discretionary portfolio management services

Discretionary investment services

Discretionary portfolio management designed to relieve investors with the arduous processes demanded by an efficient, proactive management style..

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What is a Family Office?

What is a Family Office

The effective and impartial administration of complex financial structures to simplify the transparent distribution and continuous management of wealth.

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How we can help you

Access a world of opportunity as our qualified specialists guide you towards a more prosperous financial future.

We provide bespoke solutions to accommodate the unique demands of each client under our care. Whether you are looking to grow your assets or preserve the value of accumulated wealth, our solutions are tailored to meet your present requirements and future aspirations.

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