We serve a global client base comprised of private investors, high-net worth families and institutions. Like them, your needs are aligned to your unique circumstances.

Here at NaviCom International Investment we are privileged - and pleased - to be an integral part of your life as we work together in partnership to develop a more prosperous future.

With a global presence in the heart of Hong Kong and New York, NaviCom International Investment was formed on the understanding that investor preferences and they way their assets were being managed had entered process of transition.

In tune with your expectations

From a 'bigger is better' mentality where transparency of invested funds is often murky, investors demanded to be kept more informed on the whereabouts of their invested capital.

Meeting these demands is made possible only through the development of close client-adviser relationships, where clients are entitled to direct and unrestricted access to a dedicated adviser. At NaviCom International Investment we accommodate client demands by maintaining an independent status and a bespoke approach to asset management.

Our advisers are obliged to manage assets in line with the specific preferences that make each client unique. Consideration to a predetermined asset allocation policy and tolerance towards risk ensures that assets are managed within the guidelines of expectation. We believe that by providing a dedicated service based on our performance as professionals, clients can take comfort in knowledge that their assets are managed in accordance with their wishes.

Investment Capabilities

The essence of our approach is to use accurate information in order to achieve consistent results within an environment of manageable risk..

Ultimately, a sound investment decision is the result of correctly interpreting accurate data; there is no place for gut feeling when it comes to investing on behalf of our clients.

Our Capabilities