NaviCom International Investment has evolved on a philosophy that is uniquely aligned to the expectations of our clients.

Our philosophy and approach helps our professionals to concentrate on realizing client specific goals acting as the driving force behind the exceptional practices at every level of our business. Our core offering is presented through the provision of investment management services, delivered on an advisory or discretionary basis depending on the level of involvement clients require.

Our philosophy

Whichever service you choose to avail, our performance as professionals seeks to ensure that our interests are aligned with yours and are therefore underpinned by the following key philosophies:

  • Absolute returns on investment:
    We have established a reputation based on our ability to deliver above average returns over the long-term. Our clients have a certain height of expectation and it is our responsibility to make sure that those expectations are consistently met - irrespective of market conditions. Our responsibility dictates that we adhere to a series of diligent benchmarks that seek to control the management of risk inherently involved with investment management.
  • Bespoke investment solutions:
    Understanding that each client is bound with a unique set of circumstances, which in turn presents a unique set of demands and expectations, is justification for maintaining our independent status and for delivering a customized, comprehensive wealth solution. We do not sell solutions but create a logical and structured wealth proposition that is entirely appropriate to the needs of each client under our care.
  • Independent status:
    We are not tied to or connected to a larger institution or higher power. We are solely responsible to the financial wellbeing of our clients and their families. Our independent status enables us to deliver a truly customized wealth solution, built upon the specific needs of each client. Our investment scope works freely across an open architecture that does not limit exposure to specific industries or geographical opportunities.
  • Proactive asset management:
    Evolving in line with market movements is essential to delivering consistent positive portfolio performance. We employ a tactical positioning process to the management of individual portfolios by utilizing a strategy based on the consideration of risk management, value-based opportunity and substantial gains over the medium to long-term..
  • Fiduciary commitment:
    We are entirely committed and responsible to our clients, of whom we view as the shareholders of our firm. We strive to exceed their expectations on every level by providing a best-in-class administration service as a support to holistic wealth management processes. We understand that the strength of our client relationships are based on trust, which we work hard to obtain and are dedicated to retaining through the provision of exceptional service standards and by exceeding performance expectations year-on-year.

Investment Capabilities

The essence of our approach is to use accurate information in order to achieve consistent results within an environment of manageable risk..

Ultimately, a sound investment decision is the result of correctly interpreting accurate data; there is no place for gut feeling when it comes to investing on behalf of our clients.

Our Capabilities