As you evolve through the passage of life your priorities change. Planning your finances for each stage of the life cycle is essential to making sure that long-term objectives are met and short-term events are provided for.

At NaviCom International we work closely with clients to plan for the future whilst comfortably providing for day-to-day needs. We approach our financial planning practice with a bespoke philosophy to customizing solutions around the individual needs of private investors and families.

We believe that our clients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to the sensitive management of wealth. We also believe that wealth management solutions should be shaped around the unique values, capabilities and objectives of each private investor or family.

Provide for life's events

Our experience is shared to deliver professionally designed financial management strategies that consider your needs during each life stage;

  • Education fees planning
  • Rebalance existing financial structure to align with long-term objectives
  • Health insurance and accident cover
  • Retirement strategy and income provisions
  • Estate planning and wealth distribution strategy
  • Tax efficient investing
  • Trust incorporation and management

The team at NaviCom work to address these challenges by setting clearly defined goals and performance related measures providing you with comfort in the knowledge that your wealth is at work to provide for each stage of your life.

Investment Services

A comprehensive suite of financial services designed to help dynamic investors
to overcome the challenges they face during each stage of the life cycle.

Financial Planning

Helping investors to preserve the value of accumulated wealth whilst developing strategies to align with future lifestyle aspirations.

  • Financial Planning
    Financial planning services tailored around the specific needs of each client under our care. Our capabilities address your retirement needs, inheritance plans, insurance and tax efficient investing.
  • What to Expect
    A systematic approach to the way you structure your financial affairs to accommodate your day-to-day requirements whilst preparing for the future.
  • Planning for Life's Events
    Structured planning to accommodate lief events as you prepare to maintain a lifestyle of comfort during each stage of the life cycle and look to support your loved ones as they evolve through the passage of life.

Investment Management

Investment solutions focussed on the preservation of wealth in line with a philosophy dictated by an absolute returns policy.

  • Investment Management
    Investment solutions tailored around client specific circumstances and their unique aspirations.
  • Discretionary Services
    Discretionary portfolio management designed to relieve investors with the arduous processes demanded by an efficient, proactive management style.
  • Investment Advisory
    Working with sophisticated investors who wish to take on a more active approach to the management of their investments.
  • Support & Security
    Understanding that the security of your investments is our number one concern as we work towards maintaining long lasting relationships.

Family Office Services

Protecting the value of your family heritage as you seek to simplify the complexities involved with the management of multi-generational wealth.

  • Family Office Services
    Custom management solutions to efficiently consolidate the individual financial components that make up an often complex structure typically associated with wealth accumulated across many generations.
  • What Is A Family Office
    The effective and impartial administration of complex financial structures to simplify the transparent distribution and continuous management of wealth.
  • Is It Right For My Family?
    Maintaining the values that form the basis of a long-standing family heritage to sustain a legacy passed onto generations to come.

How we can help you

Access a world of opportunity as our qualified specialists guide you towards a more prosperous financial future.

We provide bespoke solutions to accommodate the unique demands of each client under our care. Whether you are looking to grow your assets or preserve the value of accumulated wealth, our solutions are tailored to meet your present requirements and future aspirations.

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