Understanding that the security of your investments is our number one concern as we work towards maintaining long lasting relationships.

We believe that our continued success is directly related to our performance as financial professionals and our efficiencies as administrative experts. We dedicate resources to ensuing that clients judge our capabilities based on their experiences as a NaviCom International client.

Each client is entitled to unrestricted and direct access to a dedicated wealth adviser and team of administrative executives. The team is collectively responsible for the continued management of your account including an ongoing dialogue on asset performance and re-balancing recommendations to maintain objective alignment.

Security of your investments

Protecting your assets is our foremost priority. We realize the importance of safety of client capital and therefore take a number of precautions to ensure the security of investments.

As an independent financial entity, NaviCom International Investment utilizes the services of third party custodians who act to segregate the holding of assets and registration of investments. Our network of associates are situated in a number of key locations for the benefit of each client's peace of mind. We offer clients a choice of custodian, typically determined by geography.

For example our European based clients may prefer to choose a UK based custodian to secure there investments, whilst it also makes sense for our United States clients to opt for a US based custodian. There are instances where clients would prefer to maintain their invested interests overseas. To accommodate these preferences our network can accommodate offshore holdings in Hong Kong.

In additional to providing third party assurance, NaviCom International Investment believes in the tenets of transparency. Our internal governance protocols extend to great lengths to ensure systems of control are firmly in place to protect the wellbeing of clients.

The NaviCom International Investment Board of Internal Governance is responsible for the supervision of;

  • Independent quarterly audit
  • Compliance with regional securities regulation
Our Clients

Putting clients first

Making sure that your experience as our client goes above and beyond the standards expected from a leading financial management practice.